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FCE Initiative

Internet of Trustworthy Data (IoTD)

FCE Initiative aims at creating new forms of interaction between producers, suppliers, logistics companies, distributors, retailers, brand owners, service providers, consumers and all interested parties in a rapidly changing reality of supply chain management. For these purposes, FCE Initiative leverages FCE Platform based on IoT and Blockchain technologies. The Platform has been created by FCE Group AG in cooperation with early adopters of FCE blockchain ecosystem.

FCE Platform is your conductor into the Digital World

Broad adoption of 5G communication leads to the sharp growth of the market for Internet-of-Things and Machine-to-Machine communication technologies. Eventually, 5G along with climate change and other radical societal and economic transformations open the door to technological revolution 4.0 and accelerate its adoption.
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What's the point?

The explosive growth of information flow challenges all contemporary business models with fundamental issues:
• How to define trustworthy information?
• How to turn trustworthy information into actionable data suitable for in-depth analysis and effective planning?
FCE Platform is a decentralized ecosystem that brings together parties generating trustworthy data. To collect this data FCE Platform participants utilize independent IoT sensors, Machine-to-Machine communication, while the data are deployed and structured in blockchain with permitted access for verified and authorized members only.
The FCE platform, by bringing independent parties together, helps to jointly overcome the challenges of the digital age.
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What's the value?

FCE Platform provides comprehensive solutions based on IoT and blockchain technologies for traceability, sustainability, digital identity, paperless document flow, and direct communication within the entire value chain. Customizable and flexible digital features support the elimination of a technological gap and business development deceleration.
By helping to solve local problems and bringing participants together, the Platform provides synergy for the entire supply management chain. This approach will generate powerful collaborative contribution to global digital transformation.
Leverage comprehensive innovative solutions for your smooth digital transformation. Contribute to a sustainable global future.
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How does it work?

The digital age is emerging. By joining FCE Platform, you become a part of the new global economy. Find your individual approach to leverage all FCE Platform`s benefits. Obtain access to the meetings, events and conferences focused on development and growth of the Platform.
As a free member, you can suggest your ideas, exchange the thoughts, initiate collaborations, launch the pilots, start your corporate projects or join to already running ones.
Get 24/7 private data access via your account. All public data is available on FCE Platform page.
FCE Group AG provides consulting services on digitization, sustainability, traceability, risk management, planning optimization, waste management, paperless document flow, digital identity, etc.
FCE Platform includes powers flexible solutions based on independent data collection via FCE manufactured IoT sensors and secure storage of trustworthy data on Blockchain.
Become an active part of Big Data.
Join new generation of а global business leading companies.
Take a step forward. Go Beyond.

What should we expect?

What should we expect?
All platform participants should be willing to make an effort to help each other to understand and achieve the following objectives:
1. Smooth Digital Transformation
2. Sustainable Approach to Development
3. Comprehensive Digital Infrastructure for Common Good
4. Creation of New Industrial Standards and Approaches
5. Support for Innovations and Knowledge Sharing

Leverage comprehensive innovative solutions to smooth digital transformation for your company.
Contribute to a sustainable global future.
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